Determining A Cart Year Model

This is a quick tutorial on how to determine the year model of one of the big three golf cart manufacturers: Club Car, EZ-GO, and Yamaha. All are different, and the first two are relatively easy once you know the formula. Yamaha is a little more involved. Of course, you'll usually know the year model of a cart that you're buying, but if you're looking at a used one it's nice to be able to double-check the year it was built. You may have to look around to find the serial number; usually it's inside (or underneath) one of the gloveboxes. Occasionally it's under the seat. But just look around - you don't have to be Indiana Jones to find it.

Club Car

For the last thirty years or so, Club Car has been putting their serial number under the glove box on the passenger's side. It's a matter of interpreting the serial number, which is always of the alphanumeric form AA0000-000000
The first two letters identify the model of the cart, and there are many tables available on line. In this case, "LE" stands for "Limo II Electric." The next two numbers are the year the cart was manufactured, followed by two numbers identifying the week within that year. In this example, "1204" means 2012, week 04. If the four numbers were "9852" it would mean 1998, week 52. The last six digits are the unique serial number of that cart.


EZ-GO usually puts their serial numbers inside the glove box on the passenger's side, and much like the Club Car, you simply have to know the formula to pull out the date of manufacture.
There are two numbers that you'll see. The first is the manufacturer's code, the other is the actual serial number.
The serial number is unique to the individual cart, but the manufacturer's code contains the year the cart was built. Look at the last two digits for the answer. If it is "97" then the cart was built in 1997. If you see "01" then the year was 2001, and following that pattern, "13" would be 2013.


Okay, the first two were pretty simple - it's just knowing the formula. Yamaha is a little different, in that there is actually a table look-up that must be performed. In this example, "JW9-1012345" maps onto the table of "JW9-10xxxxx" so this is a golf cart manufactured in 2012. Definitely not something that you can memorize and use on the fly. And these are just the most popular... the full
set of tables is massive, so if your serial number isn't listed here, then go online and search for "How do I tell my Yamaha golf cart year" to get more detailed information and many more tables.

Electric Golf Carts
Serial # Year
JW2-00xxxx 2007
JW2-10xxxx 2008
JW2-20xxxx 2009
JW2-30xxxx 2010
JW9-00xxxx 2011
JW9-10xxxx 2012
JW9-20xxxx 2012
JW9-30xxxx 2013
Gas Golf Carts
Serial # Year
JW1-00xxxx 2007
JW1-10xxxx 2008
JW1-20xxxx 2009
JW1-30xxxx 2010
JW8-00xxxx 2011
JW8-10xxxx 2012
JW8-20xxxx 2012
JW8-30xxxx 2013

Happy carting,
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