What's this web page all about?

Okay, here’s how it all started. A couple of years ago the small town where I live passed a golf cart ordinance that allowed them to be operated on city streets – with a few restrictions, and as long as they had the prescribed safety equipment. That's it on the right. These carts began to show up everywhere, multiplying like rabbits in the springtime. They looked like a fun way to cruise around town, and I could see myself using one to go to the post office, bank, grocery store… and all of the places that I visit in the course of my normal week.

It seemed like such an unnecessary luxury, though, that I just couldn’t justify spending a few grand for a toy that I really didn’t need. I’d only been looking at new carts, however – the idea of a pre-owned (and therefore more affordable) one had never occurred to me.

I kept researching golf carts, though. Electric vs. gas-powered, Club Car vs. EZ-GO vs. Yamaha, etc, etc, etc. I got drastically conflicting info from different people, so I didn’t know what kind I would purchase if I ever really got serious about it.

And then my wife and I suddenly and unexpectedly had an opportunity to buy a cart that we knew the history of. The price was fair, it was in good shape, so we pulled the trigger and purchased a 1998 EZ-GO TXT electric golf cart.

We loved it, but to me, it was another mysterious piece of equipment like a car. You see, I have a degree from the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University, and worked in the software engineering field for a couple of decades, but the concept of how a car works has always been completely foreign to me. Try as I have, I’ve never been able to grasp the basic operation of an automobile or work on my own car. I just assumed that the golf cart would fit into that same category.

Then a funny thing happened… I started tinkering with it, and with the help of the internet, YouTube, and my good friend the Chairman, I found that I could fix a thing or two on the cart as needed. This grew into an obsession, which grew into this website. The site has no set purpose or agenda, except to document some golf cart repair experiences, hopefully entertain with a little golf cart talk (even if it entertains no one else but myself), and possibly help someone combing the internet to find info for repairing their own golf cart. I hope that you enjoy it and stop back by occasionally.

Oh, and what about the name “Psychic Golf Cart Repair”? Well, it’s an inside joke between myself and some friends. I’m not psychic (or I’d be buying lottery tickets right now instead of working on a website) and neither is my golf cart repair, it’s just me having a little fun because of a couple of weird things that happened. Don’t worry, in the next post or so I’ll let you in on the joke.

Happy carting,
The Psychic

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