So what is this website all about? Golf carts! And to be more specific, elecric golf carts. But to find out more, follow our links and read our stories... and check back, 'cause we'll be adding more info as time goes by.

What's this website all about?

Psychic stuff and the woodgrain dash.

Check your freakin' battery water!

The Chairman's Lesson in Electrical 101.

Determining A Golf Cart's Year Model.

Testing & replacing a solenoid.

What the heck is a deep-cycle golf cart battery?

Mind your cables!

Examples of Golf Cart decorating for Mardi Gras

The Steering Goes Away on my EZ-GO TXT Cart

The front lights are askew on my Cart!

Golf Cart Forward/Reverse Problems

Installing A Lighted License Plate Holder

Contact Psychic Golf Cart Repair.

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